Pandora Wants To Put You In First Contact With Alien Fun


Spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri, you say?

If it’s been a while since you conquered alien worlds in Sid Meier’s strategy classic Alpha Centauri, you might want to set your colony ship’s course for Pandora: First Contact. Billing itself as a spiritual successor to Meier’s spectacular turn based classic, Proxy Studios’ Pandora promises a brave new planet to conquer. Will you last to year 17, or longer? Or will you be ground down and conquered?

Where will you settle the first city? What tech will you research? Will you explore those alien ruins, or have the local wildlife given you pause? There’s supposed to be something truly massive living in the ocean, just so you know, and the things that live inland are no joke either. Fortunately you’re developing new devices all the time, and you’ve got a customizable army at your disposal, but your fellow humans are rivals for every scrap of useful land. If it’s not the bugs, it’s the neighbors; you just can’t catch a break, can you?

This one’s out now on PC via the publisher’s site, at $30 for the download.

Source: Slitherene / Proxy Studios Pandora Site

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