Should you choose to take up this papercraft version of the Lich King’s runeblade Frostmourne, you will be granted terrible power… but that power may come at a terrible cost.

There are people in this world who can do some mighty awesome things with paper – for example, building a life-sized Link from The Legend of Zelda – that made me wish that I, too, possessed this special talent. If I did, then I could make my very own papercraft Frostmourne – the cursed rune sword of the fallen Arthas Menethil, better known as the Lich King (of Wrath of the fame).

All right, all right, as badass as this version of Frostmourne is, I have to admit that taking the blade up is rather unlikely to cost you your sanity and your soul, sending you careening off the slippery slope you’d been doggedly marching down beforehand. In fact, the worst you’ll probably get is a few papercuts. Evil papercuts that sting with the frozen fury of Icecrown Glacier, but papercuts nonetheless.

If you’re willing to put your immortal soul (and papercut-free hands) on the line, then you can get the pattern for this wickedly awesome sword here, along with some other badass WoW papercrafts (like this female Night Elf Hunter in Tier 2 raid gear).

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