Taras Lesko is really, really good at folding paper. Proof: A 7-foot-tall Gundam constructed entirely from former trees.

Quick, what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever made from paper? An airplane? A crane? One of those finger games that predicts who you’re going to marry and whether or not you’ll live in an oversized shoe?

Taras Lesko totally has you beat.

That video embedded at right details Lesko’s recently-unveiled Gundam RX-178 replica. Forgoing traditional, sane building materials, Lesko built the entire thing out of folded paper. Sure, he had the assistance of computerized design programs, and presumably he has a frankly ridiculous amount of free time, but that’s still a testament both to the industrial capabilities of wood pulp and the inventive spirit of one creative geek.

If it seems like hyper-elaborate papercraft structures are a growing trend among the creative set, you aren’t hallucinating. As we detailed last month, paper is quickly becoming the medium of choice for many artists owing both to the ubiquity of building materials and the ‘net’s ability to give any creator a platform on which to display his or her magnum opus.

At the same time, the prevelance ‘net culture (and the modern human compulsion to click through vast swaths of information in an unending hunt for momentary novelty) can help inspire those of us whose previous experience with papercraft begins and ends with construction paper and a dull pair of Fiskars. Lesko’s work certainly makes us all seem lazy and untalented by comparison, but it should also push you to strive for loftier heights of human achievement. If one man can build a robot like this, you can absolutely eat that entire pizza in one sitting.

Now go get ’em tiger!

Source: Albotas

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