Paradise Killer review in 3 minutes Kaizen Game Works, Fellow Traveller

Paradise Killer by Kaizen Game Works is a first-person open-world exploration game where you get to decide which facts hold the truth to a murder mystery.

You are Lady Love Dies, an exiled investigator brought back to Paradise Island Sequence 24 after the mass murder of the island’s ruling council. With the help of Starlight, her assistant investigator computer, Lady Loves Dies must search for clues and interrogate suspects to find the evidence she needs to make a convincing case at trial before the Judge. Your accused killer doesn’t have to be correct; you just need enough evidence to prove your version of events.

Watching conspiracies unfold as you unravel the secrets of Paradise Island’s inhabitants is the true delight of the game. Uncovering major plot twists was always satisfying, culminating in a trial that delivered a memorable and highly enjoyable conclusion. I loved every second of the game’s detailed ending trial and wanted to replay it instantly to see how different accusations with different evidence would have played out.

Ultimately, the game made me feel like the truth of the story was unique to my experience. I had argued for what I believed to be true and was rewarded, feeling satisfied in my ability to hunt for clues, especially because the game does not hold your hand to find the truth. If you love a good investigation and can forgive some clunky exploration, Paradise Killer embodies the detective fantasy.

Paradise Killer is out Sept. 4 on PC and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 with a 20% discount at launch.


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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.


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