Paradox Humble Bundle Contains 48 Game “Big Kahuna” Bonus


Europa Universalis III, Magicka, and The Showdown Effect headline the Paradox-themed bundle.

In an industry criticized for homogeneity, Paradox Interactive tends to stand out. The Swedish publisher will greenlight all manner of weird games, with mixed results. Its willingness to cater to increasingly narrow niches means its games can be likened to oddly-shaped sticks. Often, they can scratch that itch like no other, but sometimes they can just be pokey. A cross-section of Paradox’s best are featured in the Weekly Humble bundle, which also includes a massive, 48-game bonus if you chip in $125.

The bundle features a cross-section of the eccentric Paradox catalog. Europa Universalis III Complete locks down the grand strategy, while Warlock and Leviathan keep things turn-based. If that’s too much thinking, you can start splitting heads with the skill-based melee combat of War of the Roses: Kingmaker or the 80’s aesthetics of The Showdown Effect. Meanwhile, Dungeonland combines a bit of both. It’s a cooperative hack-and-slasher where one player can be an omnipotent antagonist, which sounds like a pretty serious power fantasy.

Those who pay more than the current all-time average of $5.80 also receive the grand strategy title Crusader Kings II and Magicka, a game that’s not a vampire. If those offerings are just too humble for your tastes, you can also spring for the Big Kahuna bonus pack. For $125, you’ll also unlock a total of 48 games from the Paradox catalog, which ought to keep you busy for some time.

For this bundle, all games come with Steam keys. All titles work on Windows, and a few on Mac and Linux. The headliner games (not the Kahuna pack) all come with their respective soundtracks as well.

Source: Humble Bundle

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