The Parallel Kingdom “Give Thanks” campaign lets players do their part to battle Thanksgiving hunger in the U.S.

Running from now until Thanksgiving in the U.S., which a quick Google tells us is November 24, the “Give Thanks” campaign in the popular MMO Parallel Kingdom gives players a chance to support a good cause while they play the game. Developer PerBlue, in conjunction with PlayMob, a company that offers charity fundraising services through videogames, and non-profit organization Help USA, is offering two separate “Food Basket Hats” that will provide Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and people in need.

A red Food Basket Hat costs 750 Food (the virtual, in-game kind) and will provide a Thanksgiving meal to one homeless child, while the gold Food Basket Hat goes for 6000 Food and results in a meal for an entire family. “The game offers a simple and straightforward opportunity to do good,” said PerBlue co-founder and CEO Justin Beck. “Though we are a small business, we understand that – with our players behind us – we can provide a significant amount of help for families facing hunger during the holiday season. We hope other companies can see how easy it can be to take action and consider how they can make an impact for social good.”

This isn’t PerBlue’s first hunger-relief effort with Parallel Kingdom. In September, players raised more than $4500 in the “Food for Good” campaign, which added up to 2508 meal vouchers for the SOS Children’s Kenyan famine appeal.

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