Masaya Matsuura, of PaRappa the Rapper fame, produces an original game for the Apple iPod.

Today, Sony BMG Music Entertainment released musika, a music visualizer game, on the iTunes store for fifth generation iPods. musika was created by Masaya Matsuura, President of NanaOn-Sha and the creator of PaRapper the Rapper for the original Playstation, in collaboration with Method Solutions. Using only one main button, players can time their presses with the letters on-screen to progress to harder and more visually absorbing screens.

Matsuura stated, “The iPod is a device that revolutionized music and it is now poised to be a progressive gaming platform. Many years ago Apple’s tools first opened my eyes to the power of music and multimedia, so it’s exciting to release my first game for this device.”

Thomas Hesse, President of Global Digital Business & U.S. Sales at Sony BMG Music Entertainment, commented, “musika is a natural extension of our existing relationship with the iPod and iTunes, and represents another step in our ongoing campaign to broaden our reach in the area of music-based mobile entertainment. It’s great to work with Masaya Matsuura and Method Solutions as to introduce this exciting new game, and we look forward to bringing musika to iPod users worldwide via iTunes.”

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