Heather Mills, better known to the world at large as the ex-wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney, was asked to be “the face” of the new Bionic Commando but was quickly dropped when she demanded a starring role and a huge sum of money.

Bionic Commando is based around a character with a prosthetic arm and since Mills, who has had a prosthetic leg since being hit by a motorcycle in 1993, has been involved with amputee charities for numerous years, she was approached by Capcom with the idea of letting her face and name be used in conjunction with the game. But the publisher quickly backed away when Mills asked for a six-figure fee and demanded that the “star” of the game be a character based on her.

A source quoted by The Sun said Mills wanted “at least ten times” Capcom’s original offer. “She was insistent she wouldn’t do it for a smaller fee and said the producers should make her the star,” the source claimed. “The request was way, way over budget and they certainly weren’t keen on basing the game on her.” The deal subsequently fell apart.

Mills herself presented a slightly different version of events on her Twitter page. “Got offered to promote an amputee bionic computer game, from a wealthy computer games company I said if you donate a large sum to charity,” she wrote. “The stingy company came back saying they couldn’t, what happened to charitable businesses, seems they just want to exploit and give nothing.” She also suggested that Sun journalists should be hooked up to a lie detector and have their testicles electrocuted every time they tell a lie.

via: IncGamers

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