We told you that Lady Gaga was going to FarmVille but I don’t think anything could prepare you for this video of what happened when she got there.

Sometimes you need to explain things; set up the story, provide some background or lay out a few facts to give context to the situation. Other times, it’s better to just get out of the way and let the matter speak for itself. This, I think, is one of those times.

If you have absolutely no idea what’s going on as you watch this, you can get the low-down here, but the Reader’s Digest version is that Zynga and Lady Gaga partnered up for a bizarre FarmVille/Born This Way crossover promotion featuring something called GagaVille. That probably doesn’t help much either, does it? I suppose you could always sign up for FarmVille and go visit the Lady’s farm, where the unicorns roam free and the crystals crops grow strong on a steady sprinkling of love, acceptance and freedom, although that might just confuse things even more.

I can’t say that this video has done anything to convince me that the “Zyngaga” team-up is any less weird than I expected it to be when I first heard about it, but it does have me wondering if maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all. Catchy song, too!

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