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PAX Aus 2014 Day 1: Sailor Men of The World Unite!


Cross-dressers, blue body paint, and as usual, League of Legends dominates day 1 of PAX Aus 2014.

PAX Australia is in full swing down under this weekend. It has quickly become the convention for Australians, with all of the big names in video games, comic books, tabletop and more saving their best stuff for the event.

Naturally, it also brings out some of the best cosplay of the country, and I’ve striven to bring you the best of all three days. Enjoy my highlights from Day 1!

pax aus cosplay 7

Various Fallout Dudes

These guys actually sell all of the props they are using, and more. If you’re interested (and in Australia), check out Wasted Props.

pax aus cosplay 10

Payday 2 Crew

These guys are ready to knock over the nearest bank. It’s a good thing they are looking for American dollars though…

pax aus cosplay 13


Plenty of League of Legends cosplay, with Ahri being quite a popular choice. Here’s the best one I saw.

pax aus cosplay 12


These guys were part of the LARPing crew SwordCraft, and were more than happy to pose for me. “Can I shoot her in the head?” he asked.

pax aus cosplay 3

Sailor Men

Sailor Men of the world unite!

pax aus cosplay 1


Some various Devil May Cry mixed in with a bit of Assassin’s Creed and Dark Souls.

pax aus cosplay 6

Bobba/Jango Fett

Lots of different color variants of lots of different Bobba Fetts were on show.

pax aus cosplay 17

Various League of Legends

More League of Legends cosplayers – LeBlanc, Miss Fortune, Ziggs and …. Purple Caster Minion! Purple Caster Minion OP, nerf plz Riot.

pax aus cosplay 5

Fallout Power Armor

Another impressive wasteland guardian.

pax aus cosplay 2


League of Legends‘ Shyrvana was one of a few cosplayers I saw in blue makeup.

pax aus cosplay 14

Ravio and Princess Hilda

These guys from A Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds were hanging out on the dark side of the convention. Check out Ravio and Princess Hilda‘s respective websites for more cosplay.

pax aus cosplay 4

Medieval Warriors

These guys looked ready to charge into battle (though perhaps not on a horse, by the looks of the dude’s trophy…)

pax aus cosplay 11


The very appropriate PAX skin for League of Legends‘ Jax.

PAX Blue Guy Cosplay


Dude must have been so hot walking around a 30 degree day in full-body makeup. But he pulled it off!

pax aus cosplay 15

Halo Marine

This guy had some pretty impressive body armor.

pax aus cosplay 9


I’ll get you next time, Skywalker!

pax aus cosplay 16

Mordecai and Lilith

Quite a bit of Borderlands cosplay, wasn’t able to spot Mordecai’s faithful avian companion though…

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