The most successful game developers are pros at creating games for any platform – which is why we’ve tailored our 2017 Master Game Development Bundle to including training for exactly that. Pay what you want for this training bundle at Escapist Deals.

Beat the average price and you’ll get 10 courses in all, with training in Unity, Phaser, Swift, and more. You’ll get hands-on practice creating games for multiple platforms, including web, iOS, and the Apple TV, with a focus on designing game art, creating game rules and behaviors, designing game levels, understanding key concepts in action games like collisions and damage, and creating backgrounds.

Want to pay below the average price? You’ll still get training worth over $150 covering the fundamentals of HTML5 and Java game development.

Launch your career in game development with this bundle – pay what you want for the 2017 Master Game Development Bundle at Escapist Deals.

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