PC Gamer Promotes new Editor-in-Chief


Executive Editor Kristen Salvatore rises to the helm of PC Gamer.

Future US Editorial Director Jon Phillips announced that Kristen Salvatore, previously the Executive Editor of PC Gamer, has been promoted to the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief position. She is the second woman to be named the Editor-in-Chief of a Future US game publication – the other being Francesca Reyes of Official Xbox Magazine.

In her new position, Salvatore will handle selecting which games deserve the most press, secure those products for exclusive coverage and manage the magazine’s content to cater to its audience and advertisers. Salvatore has worked in the industry for several years, rising from the position of Features Editor at Maximum PC magazine to become PC Gamer‘s Executive Editor.

“As PC Gamer’s Executive Editor, Kristen has done a magnificent job in building relations with game developers, following games from previews and first-looks to final reviews, and being a goodwill ambassador to readers and industry folks alike,” explains Phillips. “She’s never shy about calling bad games inferior, but she bears a pure enthusiasm for PC gaming that many old-timers in the industry have lost. Moving forward, she’ll not only express that enthusiasm in the pages of the magazine and website, but also help us grow the entire PC Gamer brand. The next 12 months will be very exciting for PC Gamer, and Kristen has an ambitious plan to make things happen.”

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