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The visually stunning and extremely ambitious No Man’s Sky might only be coming to the PlayStation 4.

No Man’s Sky stole the show at this year’s E3. The upcoming science fiction title from Hello Games is the brainchild of Sean Murray, the managing director of the modest indie developer based in Guildford, UK. Gameplay features planetary exploration intertwined with survival elements set in “an infinite procedurally generated universe”. Its ambitions are great, and its promises even greater.

Currently only confirmed for a PS4 release, the possibility of a PC version has seemingly become somewhat unsure in the past few days. In an interview during E3 with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Murray said, “Basically we’re doing a console debut on PS4. That’s all we’re saying right now. But that leaves open a PC version, which we really want to do.” With that said, the question of when such a release might happen was never definitively answered, and Murray stressed that an announcement hadn’t actually been made.

Shortly after the interview, RPS contacted Hello Games in an attempt to clear the air. The response he received was a little ambiguous.

No Man’s Sky isn’t contractually obligated to be a PS4 exclusive. However, the team is worried the IP might become bloated and that creative potential might be stifled if divided between two different versions. Because the game is still far from being complete, Hello Games isn’t sure how much that would limit how well it could work on a PS4 and a PC release at the same time. Until they can anticipate being capable of doing such, they don’t want to announce anything.

Of course, with the possibility of a PC release also comes talk of implementing mod support. “We don’t know yet whether we’ll allow mods or provide tools to support them,” said Hello’s Alex Wiltshire. “Our focus, though, is on features that support what for us the game is about – exploring a vast universe. That might inherently involve mods – we’ll know more as we continue making the game.”

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Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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