Just in case you were stumped on how to download Zynga’s FarmVille or best annoy your friends on Facbook, this book has got you covered.

First off, I am in no way implying that your Grandma is a dummy. But she may still want this book. Sure, FarmVille boasted over 80 million users at one point this year, and even though the hype has cooled down, that doesn’t mean that publishers still can’t try to cash in on the game’s popularity. FarmVille for Dummies tells you everything that you need to know but were afraid to ask your technically savvy grandson for fear that he’d call you a dummy. Now you can enjoy that insult by purchasing a book that purports to be for people like you. FarmVille for Dummies is listed on Amazon, but won’t be released until February 2011, so it’s not even a holiday gift-buying trap for that FarmVille enthusiast on your list.

The frustrating part of a book like FarmVille for Dummies is that FarmVille was specifically designed to be as accessible as possible. All of the information that you need to play the game is right there in front of you, which was integral to Zynga’s design. If you go offline to look up hints or clues, then that’s less time that you spend tending your crops and sending messages to your Facebook wall.

But that’s exactly what FarmVille for Dummies claims to do. A book that’s major selling point is telling you how to get the game to work on your computer or phone is just crazy. I’m going to go out on a limb here: Anyone who needs to find out how to “install” Facebook by reading a book probably will never play FarmVille.

Despite my objections, FarmVille for Dummies will probably still sell a million copies. People will buy it for their friends who play FarmVille or players will buy it to entice others into game. “See how easy it is to download the application? All you have to do is read this book and press this button.”

Hell, maybe I should buy it for Steve Butts. His farm is looking rather bleak…


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