Persona PSP Hits PSN on September 22


For those Atlus enthusiasts who don’t like buying retail copies of games packaged with bonus goodies, Atlus is releasing its upcoming Persona remake on the PSP on the same day as the UMD.

Digital distribution might be all the rage nowadays, but Atlus has sure made a case for the relevance of retail in recent times with its tradition of packaging neat swag along with copies of its games. There’s always an art book, or soundtrack, or miniature plush doll, packaged in an over-sized box, to take home with an Atlus game.

The case is no different for the company’s upcoming PSP remake of the original Persona game, but considering the push for digital distribution on Sony’s handheld, Atlus is making Persona available on PlayStation Network the same day the game hits stores: September 22. “Meaning all of you first adopters of the upcoming PSP Go System can christen your new handheld with a quality RPG experience, while PSP System owners with a memory stick can opt to go digital as well..Everybody wins,” Atlus wrote.

The PSP Go hits in October, which is not long after Persona‘s release, so I guess that would make sense, but aside from sheer convenience, the retail version does seem like better package. It comes with a 2-disc soundtrack that features all the tunes heard in the game. And it comes in a “premium oversized outer box.” A box! You can’t beat a big box.

Both versions have an MSRP of $39.99.

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