Persona Teaser Site Teddy

A Persona teaser site launched by Atlus in September has been updated with the appearance of Persona 4‘s Teddy.

You may recall back in September when Atlus, the company behind Shin Megami Tensei and its various offshoots, launched a red backed teaser site featuring the logo of the Persona development team, three empty boxes, the names of several Japanese cities and a date and time pointing to an 8PM announcement on November 24th. With five days left to go before that date and time arrives, the site has recently been updated with a new feature that Persona 4 fans should find beary promising.

Currently, when you visit the site and click on the three empty boxes, they now shake briefly before revealing an image of Teddy, the walking, talking and occasionally grabby bear character from Persona 4. Clicking on each box until they all contain the same image will lead to all three trembling in unison before switching to another random Teddy image. Besides this change, the rest of the website remains the same.

While some have been maintaining hopes that this teaser site will be the prelude to a Persona 5 announcement, the appearance of one of the more iconic characters from Persona 4 arguably supplies more questions than answers to what this is all leading up to. In turn, unless Atlus decides to just jump the gun and tell us what’s going on now, we’ll all probably just need to wait and see what happens on 24th, this Sunday.

Source: Gematsu

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