Peter Molyneux Wants to Help With Syndicate Remake


The Lionhead founder is feeling all paternal over one of his old games.

Peter Molyneux says that he’s not that keen on remakes, but if EA decides to make a new version of the tactical shooter/real-time strategy game, Syndicate, he’d like to be involved. Syndicate was created by Molyneux’s Bullfrog Productions, which EA acquired in 1995.

Rumors that EA is working on a Syndicate reboot have been circulating for years now, with the most persistent being that Starbreeze Studios, the makers of The Darkness and The Chronicle of Riddick games, were hard at work on it. Molyneux said that he was sure that EA would do a good job with any remake, but that like a parent looking out for their child, he still wanted to have a little bit of involvement. He didn’t want to be the game’s creative director or anything grandiose like that, but he said that he would love to spend a day with the developers and just talk to them about what made the Syndicate series special.

Just last week, EA’s Frank Gibeau was talking about the possibility of bringing back classic Bullfrog IPs, which also includes games like Populous and Magic Carpet, so there’s every chance that a Syndicate remake could happen. Whether Molyneux could consult on the game is less clear – assuming that EA wanted him to, of course – because he’s now a Microsoft employee. It’s not impossible though, and if there’s anyone who can communicate what makes a game special, it’s Peter Molyneux.

Source: CVG

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