Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity Finally Chipped Away


The winner is Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh.

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube, his social experiment that promised a life-changing reward for the one to chip away its last little cubelet, is over. Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh is the winner, and this video is what he saw as the experiment came to an end. Not only does Henderson get the satisfaction of knowing that he, of all the thousands of people who chipped away at the cube, was the one to finish it; Henderson also gets to be a God, in Godus.

It’s no small reward. Godus, the game that recently went to a free-to-play publisher, will give Henderson cash, as he’ll be getting a cut of every Godus sale. Plus, y’know, there’s the whole God thing. Smiting, sacrifices, vestal virgins … the possibilities are endless, and no doubt Henderson’s already chipping away at some Commandments as you read this. Or perhaps he’s having a nap.

Whatever Henderson may be planning for his first act as a creature of unimaginable power, congratulations are in order. Well done! Now be merciful to us players, oh all-seeing one. Please?

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