The Dead Space 3 launch trailer features Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” performed by an as yet unknown artist.

Something akin to mixing chocolate and peanut butter, it might seem a little odd at first, to be putting a remixed 80’s pop song into your sci-fi survival horror trailer, but I’ve got to say that this is a surprisingly solid presentation of both. I never realized just how haunting “In the Air Tonight” could be until I first recognized the song at around the :58 mark in the trailer, just prior to our protagonist suiting up and diving in for some presumed Necromorph-ending action.

Fans of the series might be a little worried that Dead Space 3 abandons some of the horror elements of the first game, which were already being shied away from in the sequel. But, according to developers, the team at Visceral has entirely new ways to scare you in the third installment, none of which apparently include Phil Collins.

Following Isaac Clarke and John Carver, and being set on the frozen planet Tau Volantis, Dead Space 3 aims to make the franchise more accessible to a wider audience by trumping up the action aspects of the game, without giving up on the horror roots that made it what it is. Whether or not they will succeed in this remains to be seen, but I am cautiously optimistic about the return of Isaac Clarke and his continued fight against the Necromorphs. Dead Space 3 comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on February 5th.

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