Phoenix Wright Meets Blackquill In Latest Trailers


Capcom has issued two new trailers for the upcoming Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, offering Western audiences our first introduction to the game’s new avian-themed prosecutor.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS release slated for release in America and Europe at some point toward the end of 2013. Japan receives the game next week. As a result, Japanese gamers are already well aware of Blackquill, but for you English-speaking folk these two new trailers (one at top-right, one below) should prove novel.

That guy with the pet hawk? That’s Blackquill. He’s the new prosecutor introduced in Dual Destinies that serves as a foil/villain/non-aligned counterpart for the game’s titular protagonist. Let’s see … what else should you know about him? Oh right, Blackquill is also a criminal with a sword fetish. Basically Capcom seems to have lifted The Penguin out of DC Comics, put him on a diet, and dropped him into the Phoenix Wright universe. After Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, that idea seems weirdly fun.

Otherwise, Dual Destinies appears to be a relatively standard Phoenix Wright adventure game. You collect clues, solve mysteries and engage in overtly bizarre conversations with characters who would qualify as Japanese stereotypes of American social tropes if they weren’t so over the top. If you’ve enjoyed prior Phoenix Wright games, you should be pleased to see that Capcom doesn’t seem to have strayed far from the franchise’s classic formula for Dual Destinies.

Unlike the vast majority of trailers sent to Escapist HQ each day, these two happen to be chock-full of actual, honest-to-Miyamoto gameplay footage. Propers to Capcom for that, but that also allows all of you readers an early chance to tear this game to shreds. Why would you do that? I have no idea. Maybe there’s not enough pixellation visible for your tastes, or maybe your parents were eaten by hawks. Whatever your thoughts, drop them in the comments below. We’re still hoping someone will explain the game’s “M for Mature” rating, so in the meantime, why not discuss what we do know?

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