Pillars of Eternity‘s First Expansion, The White March, Released


Pillars of Eternity gets expanded this week with The White March, Part One, the old-school RPG’s first downloadable content.

I feel like I’m watching someone grow up: Pillars of Eternity began as a Kickstarter success story, then was released to universal critical acclaim, is due for a board game – and this week, it’s welcoming its very first expansion.

The White March certainly feels more like a classic expansion than DLC, a term people often think of as piecemeal, or overpriced. TWM adds an enormous amount of content to the base game: two new companions, one entirely new area, new enemies, new dungeons, new quests – all of it adding up to more than a dozen hours of bonus content (or more if you need to read every. Single. Piece. Of. Lore)

The following gallery shows off some of the new visuals and encounters, and the usual Pillars beauty is on full display here:

Along with the expansion’s content, owners of the base game also get a free “2.0” patch to bring them up to speed. New features in the patch include improved stealth – now you can have individual party members become stealthy, and the enemy noticing one will not necessarily break stealth on everyone else. Another fun feature: AI behaviors that you can set ahead of time, freeing up some thinking space.

Both the patch and expansion are available today; my download is moving dangerously slow. Has anyone here delved into it yet? Great? Good? Excellent?


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