SpeedRunners developer tinyBuild has decided to release the offline features version of its game for free.

Piracy is a part of the wide entertainment industry whether developers and publishers like it or not. Some developers, especially indie developers, have warmed up to piracy. Indie developer tinyBuild is one such example; the developer will release a free version of its game SpeedRunners, a multiplayer platform-racer with superheroes. The offline features version will be available for free while the full game will be available for purchase.

tinyBuild’s Alex Nichiporchik sent a statement to Rock Paper Shotgun detailing why the team is releasing a pirate-friendly version, noting that he was pirating Battlefield 4 at that moment. “I’ve seen it multiple times when people pirate some sort of software, fall in love with it, and then due to constant updates reminders end up buying it, just for the convenience,” Nichiporchik wrote. “Basically, when developers provide a good service, people see the value in spending money. Minecraft is a great example. With the constant updates, it’s so clear you should throw your money at the screen – simple provide a service, making it much more convenient than searching for cracks.”

This is why a separate version with online features and updates will cost money while one without the service will be free. “We’ve decided to make SpeedRunners free when it comes out,” Nichiporchik continued. “The local version of SpeedRunners will be available completely free. You’ll be able to download it and play with your friends on a couch, or use any of the offline features (right now we have bots to play against offline).”

The game is on Steam Early Access right now, but costs money to play. However, if you play the game through Early Access, you will receive a paid version on launch.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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