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PixelJunk Raiders Launches in March Exclusively on Google Stadia

PixelJunk Raiders Google Stadia Q-Games State Share exclusive

Q-Games, the studio behind the PixelJunk series, has announced that PixelJunk Raiders will launch exclusively for Google Stadia on March 1 and include State Share. It is an action adventure rogue-like where players save the Planet Tantal from a mysterious entity called the Anomaly and other alien forces.

PixelJunk Raiders has procedurally generated landscapes filled with unique settlements, towns, canyons, and temples inspired by Jean Giraud’s Moebius and 1970s British sci-fi comics. The game’s Coordinate Entry system allows players to jump into hundreds of thousands of unique locations throughout Tantal and explore the gorgeous world, complete with soaring architectures and subterranean settlements. Players can also upgrade the SYRIX 1200 avatar system with alien DNA and rescue inhabitants on the planet as well as investigate the Anomaly’s origins.

This is the second game to make use of Stadia’s State Share feature, with the first one being Hitman 3 last month. Unique to PixelJunk Raiders, players can leave their mark on Tantal by sharing game states that include their turrets, traps, and gadgets to impact other players’ worlds.

The title will cost $19.99 on the Stadia Store and is available for free to Stadia Pro subscribers. An exclusive experience like PixelJunk Raiders is a nice offering for Stadia players, especially after the news that Google had shut down its internal game development studios a few weeks ago.

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