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Stadia State Share Will Let Players Share Playable Game Slices, Starting with Hitman 3

Google Stadia State Share Hitman 3

Google announced that a brand new feature for Stadia will be launching next week on Jan. 20 alongside the release of Hitman 3. It’s called State Share, and it allows Stadia players to capture a unique game state to share with friends. The game state is a playable slice of the game itself and can be accessed within a link to the gameplay screenshot or video clip.

Stadia Product Manager Catherine Hsiao noted that titles that support State Share will have game states with different kinds of gameplay elements included. These elements are the player’s current items, difficulty level, objectives, and more.

Within Hitman 3 (and also its predecessors) specifically, players can utilize the State Share feature to create a game state in any campaign or custom mission seemingly at any point, including during the middle of the mission or at the mission complete screen. As designed by developer IO Interactive, Hitman 3 game states will have the mission starting point, mission objectives, player loadout, and difficulty setting.

Additionally, you can still use another player’s loadout in the game state even if you haven’t unlocked those particular weapons and items in your own game. It won’t affect your own progression.

State Share will work differently for each game that supports the feature, and it’s up to the developers to see how best to utilize it for their games.

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