New trailer gives a glimpse of four new maps in Battlefield 4’s final DLC release.

The next, and final Battlefield 4 DLC pack has an official trailer. Called Last Stand, the forthcoming DLC update has four new maps, and might have some fun in store for OG Battlefield 2142 fans.

The four BF4new maps are called Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia, and Hangar 21. Not much is known about the maps, other than the expected weather, but the “Karelia” name hints that some of the action will be taking place in Russia or Northern Europe (Karelia is a region currently split by Russia, and Finland).

New maps are always welcome, but the real excitement (for me, anyway) is in the details. If you pause the trailer at the 55-second mark, you’ll see blueprints for a Walker — specifically a bi-pedal tank that looks an awful lot like the L5 Riesig Battle Walker from Battlefield 2142. There’s also a Hover Tank in plain sight at the 26-second mark.

It could very well be just an Easter egg, but parts of disassembled walkers in the background could hint at some special gameplay in the future.

The sooner I get Battlefield 2143, the better, is all I’m saying.

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