Plants Vs. Zombies Best iPhone Launch Ever


In the 9 days it’s been out, Plants Vs. Zombies has sold over 300 thousand copies on Apple’s App Store.

Last week, we reported that the vegetation and undead simulator was available on Apple’s App Store. Since it was released on February 15th, the clever little game from Popcap has sold over 300,000 copies. That makes it the fastest selling application (of any kind, not just games) on the App Store, at least according to Popcap. Of course, because the game retails for $2.99, it’s only made around $1 million but that’s hardly something to cough at for what’s basically a port.

Popcap is the undisputed king of casual games on the iPhone platform, with Bejeweled being the first non-free application to move over 3 million units. Including Peggle, the company has 3 games that have reached #1 on Apple’s top grossing list and have 5 games in the top 100 (Bookworm and Chuzzle).

Popcap is fully endorsing Apple as a platform for its brand of fun and simple games. “Plants vs. Zombies is our latest major franchise to make the jump to iPhone, and from the early customer and critical feedback it appears to be a great adaptation of the game,” said Andrew Stein from PopCap. “There’s always a concern when bringing a computer game to a mobile, pocket-sized device that something will get lost in the process, but in this case the overwhelming consensus is that Plants vs. Zombies is even more fun on the smaller touch screen!”

I don’t know if that last sentiment is true, I don’t own an iPhone and probably never will, but part of me wants to call bullsh*t. Can a game really become more fun when it is shrunk down and limited by a touch interface?

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