Plants vs. Zombies Coming to XBLA


PopCap finally made official its plans to take Plants vs. Zombies to other platforms by revealing that the tower, or rather, lawn defense game will be heading to Xbox Live Arcade.

I really don’t see any reason why, if you’ve been interested in PopCap’s most excellent Plants vs. Zombies and own a PC or Mac that was built sometime in the last decade, you haven’t played the game yet. But no matter. If you were waiting for Plants vs. Zombies to come to different platforms, PopCap has good news for you. Plants vs. Zombies is in development for XBLA, the company confirmed at the Casual Connect conference yesterday.

That’s about as far as the good news goes, however. The company doesn’t have “any other details” as far as basically anything else goes, PopCap’s Cathy Orr told us. No release window, nothing about new content, nada. But I imagine that it’ll be essentially the same game with maybe some added goodies – as long as you’re getting the same PvZ experience, I can’t see gamers being disappointed.

As for whether it’ll make it to other platforms, well, that’s an unknown, but I’m sure it’d make sense for the company. Speaking specifically for mobile phones, PopCap’s Garth Chouteau said earlier this month that he doesn’t “think you’ll see Plants vs. Zombies on a mobile phone. I think you may see it on the iPhone…some of our games, we would just say, ‘you know? We could probably sell a million of these, but people aren’t going to be happy with it.” I can see that being true for phones in general, but this game would be absolutely perfect on the iPhone.

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