Plants vs. Zombies Pokes Fun At Cleavage-Filled Evony Ads


PopCap is having a little bit of fun with their latest run of Plants vs. Zombies online ads, which poke some fun at those ubiquitous and cleavage-tastic ads for free MMOG Evony.

You know you’ve caught yourself looking at them before. Those ads for Evony, a free-to-play MMOG. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’ve (d)evolved, in a brazen tossing away of any kind of standards, from featuring generic fantasy knights to demure maidens with seriously low necklines on their robes to well, just straight up BOOBS.

The whole affair has engendered good-old fashioned ridicule as well as some casual armchair sociology, and now casual games titan PopCap has gotten in on the fun. For their latest run of Plants vs. Zombies ads on the internet, the crew at PopCap decided to spoof the Evony ads, replacing the image of a helpless-but-sexy queen with a decidedly un-erotic zombie. She has a tiara, she has cleavage. Her lipstick is smeared across her face, she’s missing teeth, and she’s drooling.

“Save Your Lover!” the ad exhorts. “Save the Queen” was the call to action in the Evony ad. For some reason I feel more inclined to do what Evony wants me to, but at the same time would rather play a PopCap game than a free-to-play MMOG. Wonder how that works out.

[Via Offworld]
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