Cryptic is offering a Star Trek Online deal that’s futile to resist: Sign up for a lifetime subscription and you’ll get to play as a Borg.

They’re the baddest of the bad, the leather-and-latex S&M kings of the galaxy who kicked the crap out of Starfleet at Wolf 359 and turned the redoubtable Captain Picard into a sniveling sissy. If that sounds like the team you want to play for, Cryptic has a great deal for you, with a bit of a catch.

Players who preorder the game and sign up for a lifetime subscription will be given access to a playable Borg character, which will include two unique Borg traits: An increase in health regeneration thanks to the Borg nanites and improved starship efficiencies which will improve the effectiveness of power management abilities. A Borg Neural Blast debuff option is also available and players will be able to choose two more traits from the game’s regular list.

The catch? These are “liberated Borg” like the hot blonde from Voyager, Seven of Boobs or whatever her name was, who have been removed from the Collective and now function as independent, albeit somewhat emotionally distant, entities. In other words, don’t expect to take control of a Borg Cube and assimilate your very own cadre of Locutuses.

The other downside is the cost: The lifetime subscription will run you 240 bucks, so you better be sure you’re going to stick with this game for awhile. Still sound good? Get all the details at

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