Join Doraleous and Associates on WoW RP/PVP server Lightninghoof on July 8 from 4-6pm EST in Elwynn Forest! Each week in July they will be playing a new area to help those in need (of grinding).

The first season of Doraleous and Associates has come to a triumphant end, but just because the show has a break doesn’t mean Doraleous and Associates has forsaken those in need! On the contrary, they are stationed in World of Warcraft on the RP/PVP server Lightninghoof to help those paralyzed by fear, struck down by oppression, and losing their grip on freedom.

Next week you will find Doraleous, Neebs, Mirdon, Walken and Brouf in Goldshire Inn at 4pm, and questing around Elwynn Forest until 6pm. They will be grouping with those who want help leveling and/or to watch Neebs break into dance. Request to join the guild Doraleous and Associates and you could have the opportunity to play with them at any random moment! You might even meet other Doraleous members to adventure with between sessions.

Also, somewhere in Crystal Lake lies the mysterious Lady of the Lake, if you can find and summon her through renditions of “Laddyyyyyy” you may be lucky enough to receive the almighty Zephyr Blade.

Doraleous and Associates (on WoW) is open for business!

(In order to play, you must have a World of Warcraft Account in good standing!)

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