Playable StarCraft II At BlizzCon


Fans who shelled out a hefty sum to attend Blizzard’s entertainment expo will be treated to a playable version of the long-awaited RTS.

Game developer Blizzard’s annual entertainment festival, BlizzCon, will feature a working, playable version of the anxiously-anticipated sequel to what many view as the best and most balanced real-time strategy title of all time, StarCraft.

Gamespot reports that StarCraft II will be available for gameplay at demo kiosks, where attendees will apparently be free to test new units and game features against each other in multiplayer mode.

Tickets for the event sold out in just three days despite the $100 price tag, before the aforementioned announcement issued today.

Blizzard several weeks ago released a rather lengthy gameplay video with developer narration that appeared to show a fully functional version of the game, but the game is not expected to go public until sometime in 2008.

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