PlayStation 3 Firmware Update Causes Problems


Sony’s most recent mandatory firmware update has crippled a number of consoles.

Late last month, The Escapist reported that Sony was releasing a mandatory firmware update that would disable the option to install an alternate OS, in addition to increasing the system’s security. That update was released on April 1, and is now causing problems for many PS3 owners.

Users have been reporting issues on the official PlayStation forums ranging from blank screens when the console is switched on to disk read errors to locked PSN accounts to the inability to even power up at all. These problems are not all-encompassing – many PlayStation 3 owners will experience no difficulties at all, but they are prevalent enough within the community to warrant a 15-page thread on the issue.

This is not the first time a Sony firmware update has caused issues. Last September, their firmware update caused problems with logging into PSN and accessing trophies for some players. As with the last update, Sony will likely try to push out a fix as soon as possible, but for some PlayStation 3 owners, there may be a bit of a wait before they can use their console again.

Source: CVG

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