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PS5 Model with Detachable Disc Drive Reportedly Coming in 2023

Sony reportedly plans to release a chassis D PlayStation 5 (PS5) model with a detachable disc drive sometime in 2023 Tom Henderson insider report

Sony has plans to release a PlayStation 5 model with a detachable disc drive sometime in 2023, according to a report from industry insider Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming. Per his anonymous sources familiar with the company’s plans, the goal is to launch the new console sometime around September of next year. This new model, reportedly dubbed the D chassis PS5, is said to completely replace the A, B, and C chassis models that have been in production so far.

The D chassis PS5 will be almost completely identical to existing units, with the main difference being the detachable disc drive, which can be used thanks to an extra USB-C port on the back. It is projected you’ll be able to buy the new console on its own or bundled with the disc drive and that the detachable disc drive will also be available to purchase on its own, though no pricing plans were shared. It’s also said that the drive will not “ruin the aesthetics of the console” and can attach to it in a more natural way, ultimately making it look similar to an existing PS5.

Henderson speculates that this reported new PS5 model may be slimmer or more lightweight than the hefty models many still can’t seem to get their hands on. The D chassis PS5 could be a much-needed redesign for Sony’s somewhat awkward console, or it may not exist at all. Still, console manufacturers tend to release revisions and/or upgraded models a few years after an initial launch, so word that another PS5 could be on the way isn’t completely shocking. While this would not be a mid-generation upgrade like the PlayStation 4 Pro, a detachable disc drive might be a game-changer for the PS5. We’ll have to wait for official word from Sony to learn more.

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