PlayStation Move Off-hand Called Navigation Controller


After abandoning names like Arc and Gem, Sony settled on Move and has seemed to have named the off-handed peripheral the very dry “Navigation Controller.”

As part of the preparation to release the Move peripheral for the PlayStation 3, Sony has to file a part number with the FCC. Crafty tech people have gotten their hand on the label for part No. CECH-ZCS1U on the FCC database, complete with screenshots. The label clearly states “Navigation Controller” in large friendly letters. With corroboration at Sony’s website, it appears that this is the official name of the off-handed controller. There is still no word on price or release date for PlayStation Move.

Here are the features of the Navigation Controller from Sony’s website:

  • Wireless control completely untethered from the PlayStation Move motion controller.
  • Intuitive navigation of in-game characters
  • Easy and intuitive XMB menu navigation.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Charge the controller and automatically pair with the PS3 system via a USB cable
  • Up to two motion controllers and two navigation controllers can be connected at once to the PS3 system.

Of special note is the fact that the Dualshock 3 can be used as a Navigation Controller. I’m not sure how you’d use it with one hand, but that may be a way to save a buck if you plan on upgrading to the Move

As for the name, I know that Nunchuk was taken, but couldn’t Sony have come up with something a little more evocative? “Wakizashi” maybe? Or even “dagger”? Even just “Offhand” would have worked for me.

Source: Sony via Engadget

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