If you’re willing to recite an ominous oath on camera, you could win a copy of Guild Wars 2.

The folks at NCSoft and ArenaNet are really getting into the holiday spirit. Right now, the companies are giving away 5000 copies of Guild Wars 2, but you must be willing to pledge your allegiance to the world of Tyria.

To enter, contestants will need to create a video of themselves reciting the following oath:

I, [name], renounce [adjective] games and pledge my allegiance to Guild Wars 2. I likewise declare my freedom from [adjective] subscription fees! That I turn my back forever on [noun] which is/are totally [adjective]. That I will take up arms to defend the [noun] and crush evil with my [noun]. I take this oath to Guild Wars 2 freely, without [noun] because I am [adjective].

It all sounds very official, but I get the feeling that it won’t hold up in court. Though, I’m not a lawyer who specializes in MMO law.

For those of you might not be comfortable with the oath, NCSoft has slashed the price on the Deluxe and Heroic editions of Guild Wars 2 (40% off). But the sale and the contest will both end on December 3rd at 11:59 PST. So, either way, you don’t have a lot of time.

Source: The Great MMO Migration

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