Ken Sugimori wants the series to go back to its simpler roots.

Pokemon X and Y have only been out for around a month or so, but legendary art director Ken Sugimori, who has been with the series from the beginning, is already thinking about the next generation. Specifically, he feels that the series has become needlessly complex as of late, and wants it to return to its simpler roots.

Talking to the Japanese We Love Pokemon Magazine, Sugimori answered that rather than adding more features and more complex designs, he’d rather go back to having elements similar to what was offered in Pokemon Red and Blue to see how it would turn out.

He also believes that it’s probably not possible to decrease the number of Pokemon, but it might be in the series’ best interests to make a large adjustment to the number of attacks, abilities and items. He says that fan feedback has revealed that Pokemon fans also feel the same way.

On the actual design front, he says he wants to try experimenting with simpler designs for existing Pokemon in other media (such as the TV shows or manga), just to see what people’s reactions would be.

Sugimori was also asked what his favorite Pokemon is, and his answer is something any budding artist can sympathize with. “Gengar, because it doesn’t require many lines and is easy to draw.” Consequently, Venusaur is his least favorite Pokemon.

Source: We Love Pokemon (Japanese) via Siliconera

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