Artist Elizabeth Emery has been working on a special kind of Pokemon fanart for a year.

Attack on Pokemon is a series of Pokemon fanart by Elizabeth Emery in which the cute Pokemon we love are transformed into the horrifying titans from Japanese manga and anime Attack on Titan.

The titans of Attack on Titan are large humanoid creatures who devour humans not for sustenance for unknown reasons. Blendingthe creepy and violent Attack on Titan with cute Pokemon gives way to this art. Put a Titan’s grin on anything, and it becomes creepy.

So far Emery has transformed Bulbasaur, Lickitung, Mr. Mime, Cubone, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff. Up next to be Titanized is lovable Psyduck, and other sketches include Tangela and Machamp. Attack on Titan fans will notice that not only the creepy smiles from the series, but also the poses and movements of specific titans.

Emery posts her art on a Tumblr account called Attack on Pokemon, and she posts sketches on a separate blog. Her art can be purchased as prints through DeviantArt.

The opening line of the first opening theme song for Attack on Titan says, “They’re the prey, and we are the hunters.” In a way, Pokemon are the prey for trainers hoping to capture at least one of every species or attack them for experience. Now imagine them all as titans; no more 10-year-olds on innocent adventures.

Source: Attack on Pokemon

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