Pokemon Gets Gritty in Live Action Pokemon Apokelypse


If the Pokemon story was way more serious, it’d happen just like it does in this live action movie trailer.

In the real world, Pokemon don’t exist, but if they did you can bet they’d be taken advantage of and become part of an underground bloodsport. That’s the premise of an amazing live action trailer for a Pokemon film called Pokemon Apokelypse that doesn’t exist, but really should.

The trailer is fan made and took around a year-and-a-half to create. It shows what would happen in a more realistic setting if all the Pokemon gyms were to shut down and Pokemon trainers were forced underground.

This would of course attract shady individuals trying to fix matches in their favor that also employ Team Rocket henchmen. This Team Rocket seems brutally more capable than their “blasting off again” anime counterparts and wield semi-automatic weaponry. Yet the most disturbing part of the trailer isn’t the shattered Squirtle shells, Pikachu maiming, or torture of Professor Oak, but the five-o-clock shadow that Ash is seen sporting.

Pokemon Apokelypse was only a side project by a group working on a short film. Sadly, the team doesn’t seem to be planning anything else set in the Pokemon universe.

Why can’t anything this cool ever come through official channels? I mean, aside from the fact that it’s totally contrary to Nintendo’s shiny, happy world of Pokemon where getting “X-ed” out eyes is the closest anything comes to death.

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Source: ShogunGamer

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