Pokemon GO Nears Twitter’s User Count, Sparks Stories Good and Bad


Pokemon GO will soon have more users on mobile than Twitter, and it may have more interesting stories as well.

The newest Pokemon game has taken the world by storm, and is already installed on more phones than Tinder. If its growth continues (and with trading coming soon, it probably will), it will soon be on more phones than Twitter as well. According to a post on SimilarWeb, Pokemon GO was installed on over five percent of all Android devices in the US with 48 hours of its launch, and by Thursday, July 7 was on more devices than the Tinder app.

Another crazy statistic: 60 percent of the users who have installed the app are using it daily. This puts the new game around the same number of daily users as Twitter. GO is also being played longer each day than WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.

With that many people playing Pokemon GO, you’re bound to have some crazy stories pop up. There was the guy who caught a Pokemon while waiting for his wife to give birth, and the 19-year-old who found a dead body while trying to catch a Pokemon. Even worse, a group of armed robbers were using the game to lure in potential victims.

But it’s not all bad news. A police station in Australia found itself designated as a Pokestop, and posted a helpful Facebook message, and these two players in New Zealand kayaked a half-hour out into Wellington Harbor to take on a gym there. It’s even got the police tweeting about the game, admonishing folks not to play and drive.

Pokemon GO is a legitimate phenomenon. It’s hard to walk anywhere without seeing someone who’s playing. If you’ve got a great story from your time chasing Pokemon, tell us what it is in the forums!

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