Pokemon TCG

Soon, Trainers from every corner of the earth will be able to face off against each other when the Pokemon Trading Card Game comes to mobile.

News that Pokemon’s online version of its popular trading card game would be making the jump to mobile platforms emerged this weekend like a wild Pidgey from a patch of tall grass. Yesterday, YouTube celebrity Josh Whittenkeller tweeted a picture seemingly of the Pokemon Trading Card Game running on an iPad from the Pokemon World Championships in Washington D.C. After the story initially broke on Polygon, a representative from The Pokemon Company reached out and confirmed the rumor. A separate rep informed Kotaku that the game would be released later on this year.

The free-to-play online version has been around since 2011- offering a gaming experience similar to Wizards of the Coast’s Magic Online and Blizzard’s newcomer, Hearthstone. Players can acquire new cards for their decks by defeating the game’s numerous NPC opponents. You can also import real-life cards purchased by redeeming their respective codes, or simply purchase digital cards directly from the service.

When released, the game will be The Pokemon Company’s first app. It is currently unknown what kind of functionality the iPad version will have, but some speculate that the inclusion of either one of the tablet’s cameras with the ability to scan cards via a QR code could prove beneficial. If this release proves successful, it might determine Nintendo’s entire stance on the mobile gaming market as a whole.

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Source: PC Magazine

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