PopCap and Blizzard Make Peggle: WoW Edition


The unholy alliance of the two studios behind some of the most addicting PC games ever continues: PopCap has released a special promotional version of Peggle featuring 10 brand-new levels inspired by World of Warcraft.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough to just release Peggle as an in-game addon for MMOG titan World of Warcraft. After all, you need to have WoW in order to play it in the first place – and as popular as the game is, it’s not that popular. So, if you can’t just put Peggle in WoW, what do you do?

Why, you put WoW in Peggle, of course.

One wonders if this bizarre partnership of sorts is a result of PopCap’s Greg Canessa going to Blizzard, or … something else entirely, like signing a deal with Satan to produce pure videogame crack-meth-heroin.

The free-to-download promo version features 10 new WoW-themed levels, like Stormwind’s Valley of Heroes or the battle against the black dragon Onyxia. Unfortunately, only two of the Peggle Masters – Bjorn the Unicorn and Splork the Alien – are available to play. On the other hand, seeing Bjorn in full Paladin regalia (that would be the Tier 2 armor, “Judgment,” of course) just makes me want to giggle. There’s no Mac version at the moment; if you really want to play Azerothian Peggle on your shiny white piece of plastic, you’ll have to make do with the official WoW addon mentioned above.

Sadly, there aren’t Peggle talent points to spend like there are in the WoW addon, nor are there critical shots.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the expansion.

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