Popular Science Chooses PlayStation Move Over Kinect


According to Popular Science, PlayStation Move is the hardcore motion gamer’s choice.

In Popular Science’s recent “Best of What’s New 2010” feature, it chose to feature PlayStation Move over motion gaming competitor Kinect. Move is called the “most immersive game controller,” while Kinect is referred to as “kid’s stuff.”

The article writes: “Sony’s Move is the first motion-capture game system accurate enough to attract the hardcore gamers who consider the Wii and Microsoft Kinect to be kids’ stuff.” It echoes Sony’s marketing campaign that calls Move “more hardcore” for having buttons.

Popular Science says that Move’s technical capabilities “translate into the ability to take out zombies in Resident Evil with dead-on accuracy.” It’s not a totally inaccurate statement as there are shooting games available for Move already, but I wouldn’t call the offerings for PlayStation Move as good as Resident Evil just yet. Edit: Aside from Move-compatible Resident Evil 5 that I blanked on, thanks Scunner.

So is there a Sony fan over there at Popular Science? I’m actually surprised by the article, because for all intents and purposes Kinect has a higher “wow” factor you’d think a magazine would want to highlight. It brings a somewhat new experience into the living room and is already being hacked to do some really cool things. Neither device has reached its true potential yet, which makes it all the more confusing that Popular Science would refer to Kinect simply as “kid’s stuff.” Maybe Move just makes for a better screenshot with its glowing ball?

Source: PopSci

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