The 2010 VGAs didn’t reveal anything new about Portal 2, but it did bring the robot cuteness.

Just about everything we need to know about Portal 2 without delving into the realm of spoilers has pretty much been revealed, including a major new co-op mode and brand new mechanics. What’s left for Valve to show off? How about some cute robots?

The 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards revealed the game’s latest trailer, which won’t blow your mind with story or gameplay revelations, but it might make your Cute-O-Meter burst. It shows the game’s co-op robots being created, and jeeze, they were apparently lovable from birth.

The bots start out as nondescript parts, but once you see GLaDOS breathe artificial life into them and their electronic eyes open, how could you not want to jump into Portal 2‘s co-op mode right now? In the Portal universe, even robots are ticklish. These things are like companion cubes, but with personality.

From the trailer, the orange-eyed bot appears to be the most headstrong, while the blue-eyed bot is more cautious. Eventually they both jump down into GlaDOS’s transportation tubes to their possible Aperture Science success, or potential doom, with the difference being all up to you and your skills. So while this trailer didn’t exactly tell us anything new, it did give us a look at the personality Portal 2 will have in addition to its brain-draining gameplay when it comes out on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on April 20, 2011.

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