It’s amazing what you can do with wood, foam, and a little bit of know-how.

Graphic designer and amateur model maker par excellence, Harrison Krix, is taking a break from making futuristic guns and has decided to focus on something a little bit more medieval. Inspired by his love of SoulCalibur, Krix and his wife are joining forces in a cosplay tag-team match to recreate the character of Cassandra.

Mr. Krix’s role was to make Cassandra’s armor, shield and sword from SoulCalibur IV. He started with her shoulder guards, which is about as armored as Cassandra gets. First, he built the basic shape out of wire and resin, and then sculpted and refined the detail until he was happy with it. He used this piece as a template for a mold, and there were a few false starts before he got a piece he was happy with. He used a similar method to create the arm braces, but made a more flexible mold, allowing him to add the curvature it needed while the resin was drying. After that, it was just a case of painting them and putting the pieces together.

The shield was made of wood and insulation foam sanding into shape and then sealed. The shield details were made out of clay, and then sanded into their final shape. Krix made sure to the keep the two pieces separate, in order to make it easier to paint them. The actual shield in the SoulCalibur IV game doesn’t have much in the way of detail on its back, so Kris made his own out of plastic, aluminum, and leather for the strap. Just like the shoulder guards, the final step was painting all the pieces, and assembling the shield.

Krix has completed Cassandra’s sword as well, but is yet to detail its construction. He says it’s currently undergoing some light repairs after taking a few knocks at Dragon Con. As usual, Krix’s work is pretty darn amazing, and he’s made something that pretty much any SoulCalibur fan would be very happy to have in this or her home. You can read more about the project, and see more pictures, at Krix’s blog.

Source: Volpin Props

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