You’ll scream at your computer while watching this non-gamer father try to play Portal.

In another case of one of those old YouTube videos you never saw but really should have, a son documented his dad’s very first experience with a videogame. He sat his dad down in front of Portal and filmed his experience trying to get through it.

To the average gamer, the earliest Portal chambers are pretty easy to finish. Shoot blue portal here, walk through there, and take the elevator to the next level. No sweat, right? Not for this dad.

The experience shows us how some people’s brains just aren’t wired to play games. Growing up playing Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros. gives you those skills. Growing up playing Ball-in-a-Cup doesn’t.

Like this dad, apparently. He looks inside the walls of a Portal level that most of us would ignore and says: “There’s hydraulic lifts in there! There must be a button!” In reality, all he has to do is shoot a portal across a gap and walk through the one right next to him, but he just… can’t… get it.

Nothing against the dad, he seems like a nice, funny guy that just doesn’t play games. I know if I was the son though, I couldn’t have kept my hints quiet as long as he did.

This video series isn’t as exciting as the Dead Island trailer or anything, but hearing the dad realize that GlaDOS is not a reliable source of information is endearing. At the same time, it’s one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever seen. Parts 2-4 are below.

Source: Reddit

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