If you’re waiting for Portal 2 to bring portal-based multiplayer, why not play Team Fortress 2 with portal guns instead? Engineer teleporters are for wimps.

Since the release of first-person puzzle game Portal with the Orange Box in 2007, Aperture Science’s hand-held portal gun has quickly become one of the most iconic weapons in gaming. Now, thanks to a dedicated modder, the device has a new home: The popular team-based FPS, Team Fortress 2.

Like its Portal counterpart, the TF2 portal gun opens orange and blue portals that can be opened wherever you please, and stepping into one will immediately shoot you out the other. Like in Portal, you keep your velocity when teleporting – but unlike in Portal, you can close your portals at will. This is necessary, you see, because anyone from any team can enter your portals, and what team wants to give their enemy a free pass to the back of your base?

Frankly, this looks like one hell of an amazing, chaotic time. Who knows? Maybe Valve will add an actual portal gun to the Engineer Update.

(Via Kotaku)

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