Postal 2: Paradise Lost adds a whole new, apocalypse-themed map to the cult title.

Postal 2 is one of those games that always get brought up by censorship advocates, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the kind of game that lets you torch a marching band with Molotov cocktails and kick the survivors as they crawl around, covered in third-degree burns. Also, you can urinate in people’s mouths until they vomit. To be fair, the game has a mundane list of objectives like “pick up milk”, and anything else that happens is mostly the player’s fault. Mostly. While the original release came out in 2003, developer Running With Scissors isn’t yet done with the cult game. In fact, they’re releasing a new expansion pack later this year entitled Paradise Lost.

Postal 2: Paradise Lost continues where Apocalypse Weekend (the previous expansion pack) left off, with a huge mushroom cloud appearing outside the city of Paradise. The survivors, thinking themselves the only humans left on earth, form multiple factions and probably make lots of Mad Max references. Meanwhile, fallout has changed the city in new and bizarre ways.

So, why release more content for Postal 2 after 11 years? Since it relaunched on Steam back in 2012, it’s apparently been selling hundreds of thousands of copies. Or, as Running With Scissors puts it, “Postal 2 has and still is performing like a 17-year old in a free whore house… Caligula would be proud”. Arguably, it’s also the only entry in the series that’s any good.

Expect Postal 2: Paradise Lost to offend sometime in fall 2014.

Source: Inside Gaming Daily

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