Practice Your Putt With Japanese Women’s Underwear


With the “Nice Cup In Bra,” no woman ever has to be without a putting green again.

Golf is taking off with Japanese women. To capitalize, lingerie maker Triumph International Japan has invented a new set of golf-themed underwear. It isn’t just golf-themed though, the “Nice Cup In Bra” can be removed and unfolded to use as an actual 1.5-meter long putting green.

That’s right, you putt into the boob holes. Getting the ball in one of the cups will emit a voice that says: “Nice shot!” This set of undergarments has plenty of utility too, with extra pockets that can hold golf balls or scoring pencils. Plus, the back of the bottom half, normally covering the wearer’s bottom, can be removed and turned into a flag that reads “Be Quiet.”

Triumph International Japan evidently releases a different design of women’s underwear every year that highlights a cultural trend or occurrence, so this isn’t necessarily the most serious of items. Previous creations include the “Solar Power Bra” and the “Voter Turnout Bra.” I’m not a woman, so I can’t say whether this is an appealing item to the other half of the human race or not. Nonetheless, I feel that if a set of men’s underwear were created that allowed me to practice a sporting skill, I would probably want it asap.

Source: Pink Tentacle via Japanator

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