This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Praey for the Gods.

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Things have gotten a bit off the rails here on the Zero Punctuation express, but now we’re getting back on track and the buffet car has tentatively brought out the individually wrapped pastries again, let’s talk about a game from last year I’ve been meaning to review, Praey for the Gods. Apparently they couldn’t call it P-R-E-Y for the Gods ‘cos of concern it’d get confused with P-R-E-Y the other game. I mean, the other OTHER game. And they couldn’t call it P-R-A-Y for the Gods, ‘cos that’s not a pun. Still a better option than Praey for the Gods, I’d say, ‘cos that’s both not a pun and not a fucking word. Anyway, quick summary: Praey for the Gods is a third person open world game that I imagine one would probably look upon a lot more charitably had one never heard of Shadow of the Colossus. Inconveniently, however, I have, and even less conveniently, I very clearly remember it being really good. And Praey for the Gods is Shadow of the Colossus but shorter and not as really good. You’re a traveller who comes to a distant land and gets told by a weird mystical disembodied voice in a temple to go to a series of ambulatory historical interest sites and duff them up.

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