Pre-Batman Series Gotham Finds its Gordon


Southland actor Ben McKenzie will be playing Gotham‘s younger version of Jim Gordon.

Arguably one of the more interesting, non-comic Batman developments to come out last year was the announcement of Gotham, a pre-Batman show centered on the early career of Commissioner Gordon. It’s an idea that strikes us being pretty danged nifty. That said, up until now there hasn’t been any word on who will actually be playing the show’s version of Gordon. Thankfully, Fox and Warner Bros have broken the silence and revealed the man behind the fictional badge.

Gotham‘s Gordon will be played actor Ben McKenzie. McKenzie, of course, is famous for his work on The O.C. as well as, more recently, for his role as Officer Ben Sherman in the cop drama Southland. Somehow we get the feeling his experiences from the latter will be more relevant here. Then again, maybe he’ll be able to draw more on his role in 2011’s animated version of Batman: Year One. Granted, he played Bruce Wayne in that, but you never know. He might have picked something up from Bryan Cranston.

Any who, as far as the actors they could have picked for the role, McKenzie seems like a decent enough choice. If nothing else, he looks like someone we could picture growing into the older, grizzled cop that Bat-fans know and love. Of course, time will have to tell if he winds up doing a good job, but somehow we have a good feeling about this. What do you think? Is McKenzie the cop that Gotham needs, or should they find someone else to don Gordon’s trench coat?

Source: Variety

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